We are a non denominational Christian Charity, not for profitorganisation wiith no political affiliation operating under theauspicious of small charities governance to the benefits ofthose identified regardless of religion, race or gender. TheCharity will be operating in the UK and Zimbabwe.


• Too engage in various religious activities in the form of prayerretreats, prayer and worship days.

• Raise awareness of various illnesses and support thosesuffering with the identified illness.

• Raise awareness of a variety of social issues caused bypoverty and natural causes

• Promotion of education, and any activities that would be infurtherance of education• Engage in fundraising activities that would support the aboveactivities.


Ultimate Children Foundation
Supports children who are disadvantaged in Zimbabwe
Our Vision: Every child in Zimbabwe to reach their full potential in life whilst living in loving, safe and secure environment.

Aim/What we do:

We raise awareness on social issues, sponsoring education, empowerment of young people and campaigns.

We have annual fundraising event.
We have 34 children we are supporting. Paying fees for 30 children. 2 girls that were sexually abused by their father and this resulted in 2 children.4 children we are supporting. Our fundraising this year we are raising awareness on Sexual Abuse against Children.
The event is on the 25th July 2015 at Portsmouth Marriott Hotel.