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Brighton Nhenga

Brighton Nhenga is a boy aged 7. He is in Grade 2. Brighton was abandoned by his father. Although Brighton is fairly an intelligent boy his social background represented a challenge to his academic progress. This was compounded by the fact that his mother was late. He therefore, faced great challenges as far as school fees and other school requirements were concerned.

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Chipo Nhenga

Chipo Nhenga is a girl aged 12. Chipo is in grade 4. Her challenge emanates from the fact that her family was very poor. Furthermore, her social situation was worsened by the fact that her mother was disabled. Although Chipo was a fairly bright child her academic progress was likely to be compromised because she cannot raise school fees.

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Elisha Mugadza

Elisha Mugadza is a boy aged 10. Elisha is in Grade 4. Elisha is both deaf and dump. Elisha is unable to attend a suitable schoolbecause his parents were poor. This situation has greatly affected his academic progress to the extent that he literally do not benefit from conventional schooling late alone the fact that his parents cannot afford the fees were he was currently enrolled.

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Evangelista Bhasikoro

Evangelista Bhasikoro is a girl aged 10. This girl is in Grade 4. Evangelista’s father passed away. Unlike other marginalised school children her condition were worsened by the fact that her mother was chronically ill. She therefore faces great challenges in the payment of school fees.

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Jack Nyandima

Jack Nyandima is a boy aged 12. Jack is in Grade 7. Although Jack is academically an average and promising child he cannot raise school fees because his father abandoned the family. His mother is poor. She does neither work formally nor have the necessary skills that she can use to supplement the family income. For these reasons Jack would do well if he was assisted with school fees

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Melisa Masunda

Melisa Masunda is a girl aged 9. She is in Grade 3. Melisa is disabled of her left leg. She experiences difficulties with mobility. Her mother and father were very poor to afford her school fees. In addition she has a poorly developed language that further compromises her learning.

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Owen Teta

Owen Teta is a boy aged 12. He is in Grade 3. Owen is disabled of important body limbs that were very weak and which affected his mobility. Although he has not undergone psychological tests on account of poverty, he appears to be requiring special education. Owen’s parents were very poor to afford the school fees were he was enrolled.

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Patience Nyabvure

Patience Nyabvure is a girl aged 9. She is in Grade 3. Patience’s father is disabled and poor. Her father cannot walk. Due to this disability, Patience cannot raise her school fees. In addition, she is likely to be a dropout because of cultural factors that often affect girl children in African societies.

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Solomon Mutswire

Solomon Mutswire is a boy aged 9. Solomon is in Grade 2. Solomon faces great challenges especially with school fees payment. These challenges emanate from the fact that his father passed away. Furthermore, his challenges were worsened by the fact that his mother deserted him at an early age.

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Yolanda Chikweretix

Yolanda Chikwereti is a girl aged 13. Yolanda is in grade 7. Yolanda faces challenges in the payment of school fees. This was due to the fact that her father passed away. In addition her surviving mother was chronically ill and survived on vending. This compromised Yolanda’s academic progress.